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Who's Mimikyu?
Mimikyu (Mimikkyu) is a Pokemon from the Pokemon Sun & Moon series. It's the only ghost/fairy Pokemon in the franchise. Mimikyu is lonely, so it disguises itself using a handcrafted costume of Pikachu in the hopes of gaining friends. It even has its own song called Mimikyu's Song (lyric translations).

In the games, Totem Mimikyu is one of the trials you must overcome. It is found in the Thrifty Megamart, and its room is filled with pictures of Pikachu. After you defeat it, you can catch wild Mimikyu in that area. Mimikyu also appears in the Sun & Moon anime, though its personality is darker than in the games; it is eventually caught by Jessie (Musashi).

Mimikyu captured my heart and the hearts of millions of other fans when Nintendo first revealed it. A lonely ghost who just wants friends, so it dresses up as the popular Pikachu? Sold. Mimikyu is the purest. ♥

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